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Amy Pasfield

Tell us a little about yourself...

My name is Amy Pasfield, owner of Mother Unearthed, a holistic nutritionist and Postpartum Doula. 

Professionally, my purpose is to support women at a time they need it the most - their postpartum. My aim is to “Mother the Mother”, to allow them to feel supported, heard and validated. To be there as they emerge from birth and begin the transformation of Motherhood. I embrace and encourage holistic health, knowing that every element of our being needs to be nourished in order for us to fully thrive in life.

Personally, I am a Mother, Wife, Daughter, Sister and Friend. I am intuitive, empathetic and an introvert. I love my family and friends, deep soulful connections and time in nature.


Tell us a little about your family…

I am partner to Justin, and mother to two beautiful little girls.

Aria, my 3 year old - she is cheeky, fun, adventurous with a strong maternal nature. She loves everything to do with babies, especially her real life dolly, baby sister.

Indigo, my 6 month old - she is a calm, chilled, happy little bundle of joy. She lights up at the sight of everyone in her family.

We all love spending time outdoors and going on family walks each afternoon to reconnect with one another.


What is one parenting belief you held ‘pre babies’, that you now look back on and chuckle about…

That I would be able to achieve so many things in my maternity leave because babies slept all the time. My daughter had other plans.


What has been your greatest parenting challenge…

My biggest parenting challenge has been with all things sleep. The circumstance in which it happens and how broken it can be. Co-sleeping became our normal so that we could all get the most sleep possible, however, it was a big mental hurdle to overcome. I was exposed to stories from friends whose babies would sleep all night in a cot and that was not my reality. I was seeking solidarity and validation while severely sleep deprived. I eventually got the validation and came to the realisation that this is just a short season of our lives and my babies wont need me this much forever.

I now love co-sleeping… most of the time.


What has been your most significant area of change/growth, since becoming a parent…

Like everyone, I had no idea what parenting would bring. I definitely did not know what “type” of parent I would be. What I learnt very quickly, with the help of a beautiful friend in Mothers Groups is  the needs of a baby don't just extend to diet and sleep. That by nurturing our connection and attachment to our baby that we will set up our relationship and the foundation of their relationships for the rest of their life. I have learnt that I am incredibly strong, I can trust my intuition and that I possess nurturing qualities I never knew I had.



Instagram: @mother_unearthed

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Amy is a contributor to the upcoming 'Stepping Into Parenthood' Workshop for new and expectant parents.  To register your interest, or, book a place...follow the link below

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