A little bit about me: 

I am a mum of three that lives on the Central Coast NSW with my Husband. I am currently studying to be a hypnotherapist which I LOVE, almost as much as a good glass of wine! Pre-kids I worked in Early Childhood Education but once I had my own kids I realised that big childcare centre setting was just not for me. My little ones now go to family daycare which is just such a perfect transition from home to care! 

Since becoming a mum I have done a lot of bits and pieces in the hopes that I would find my "purpose" these have included: a certificate in Breastfeeding Education through the ABA, a baby yoga teacher training qualification, Life Coaching Certificate and a Postnatal Doula Qualification. So I have kind of put all of these together along with my hypnotherapy studies to create by business Embraced Motherhood. I have realised what all of these things have in common, and that is trusting within and knowing you are exactly the right person to be the mother to your children. No one can tell you the right or wrong thing to do, because there is no right and wrong there is only what suits you and your family. 


My kids are: Banjo - 1yrs, Hazel, 3yrs and Liliana 6yrs. We've recently taking my eldest daughter out of mainstreaming schooling and chosen a beautiful Steiner school for her which she is absolutely thriving in! I love the Steiner philosophy and can't wait to watch the younger two follow in their sisters footsteps! I love that they follow the needs of the learner and allow children to be children! If you have children going to school in the next few years I would really encourage you to look into Steiner education. 

Embraced Mamas

What has been your most significant area of change/growth, since becoming a parent...


My most significant area of growth since becoming a mumma has been my mental health and inner growth. I have finally found myself, found who I am. This is not to say my purpose in this world is to be a mum, but more that it has forced me to look inwards for the answers and I will be forever grateful for this. I believe that I had to hit rock bottom to be able to blossom and come out of it a different person. So if you are someone who is facing really hard times, just trust that you will come out of it with more knowledge, more strength and more wisdom. Nothing lasts forever and trusting the ebbs and flows of life has really helped me and aided in my transformation, my continuous transformation because we are always learning and growing aren't we! And motherhood, I believe is the biggest transformation we will ever go through. 

What is one piece of ‘parenting advice’ that you were given, and have found helpful...


One piece of parenting advice I have found the most helpful has been to trust my intuition... I know this can seem a bit wishy washy but once you get a grasp of it, it really opens up a whole new world. Trusting that you are the best mother for your children and knowing that you have exactly what they need is a game changer. It's nothing that people can tell you how to do, you can't go to experts for the answers because you've had them all along. You're children are a piece of you and more often than not a reflection of you. So even when they are "acting out" or demonstrating difficult behaviours this is chance to look at what is it within you that you need to change, or what is it that they are trying to tell you? After all kids have unique ways of expressing their needs, they are not mini adults. 

What are you and your child doing...when you feel most at ease with yourself and connected to your child...


What I am doing when I feel most at ease and connected to my children is definitely being out in nature. Probably the beach or anywhere near water! The beach is my happy place and there is something about the vastness of the ocean that puts me at ease, it kind of puts things in perspective and makes me take another look at my problems that kind of don't seem that significant. The ocean also produces negative ions which are called the invisible healer, they have the power to enhance our mood and promote more clarity! This is probably why I love it so much. So next time your in a crappy mood, drag yourself and the kids down to the beach and feel all of your stress melt away (that is until you take the whole beach full of sand with you into the car)!