Sam Craddock

A little about you...

My name is Sam Craddock and I’m a Physiotherapist with a special interest in pregnancy, postpartum and paediatrics. I came to Physiotherapy in my mid 20s after spending a couple of years as a High School PE teacher. I love my job and when I’m not working I love gardening and playing in the backyard with my two sons. Or taking them on various adventures in nature – I’m always at loggerheads with myself as to whether I love the beach or the mountains more.


A little about your family...

I am a Mum of two boys who are 5 and 2 years old. They are both balls of energy and also a complete contrast to one another, which has been fun when parenting. My husband and I have been married for nearly 8 years and very much look forward to taking our boys on adventures both near and far. I am also luck enough to have a very supportive extended family live not too far away and the boys love having sleepovers at Nanny and Poppy’s.

Currently I work for BaiMed as their Bumps Physiotherapist. For more information on what I do please visit my Instagram page

@baimedbumpsphysio or check out the website at


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Baimed Bumps Physiotherapist

Greatest parenting challenge...

It is very hard to narrow down to one but one of my greatest parenting challenges would have to be – learning how to manage two very different personalities in my boys. Letting go of the expectation that they will be similar and catering to and fostering their own individual interests, without comparing them.  Key words probably “letting go”… Letting go of lots of expectations has been the theme of parenting seems to have been for me so far.


Greatest parenting victory...

I think my greatest parenting victory was teaching my 4 year old how to dive under waves at the beach. My eldest son is self-confessed to be “not brave” but I would put it that he loves to control all risks and is somewhat of a perfectionist so doesn’t like to ‘fail’. This summer he fell in love with playing in the shoreline and each time I went out for a swim I’d ask him if he’d like to come. After probably 50+ beach dates he said yes – it was all about timing – his timing – when he is ready and he was ready to experience the wonder of the waves a little further. Given that the waves are something that always ground me and make me feel at home I was beyond thrilled to have been able to introduce him to that.