Tell us a little about your family… There is just the four of us myself, my Husband Jason and our two boys, Hudson 6 ½ and Vander 3 ½ and they keep me very busy with their little personalities. We live on the beautiful Gold Coast have a wonderful network of friends here and I feel very blessed.

What is one piece of ‘parenting advice’ that you were given, and have found helpful…

Follow your intuition. Parent as you need to for your family. Don’t Believe everything you read.

What has been your greatest parenting challenge…

Having a child on the Autism Spectrum most definitely. Managing the behaviours and lifestyle that come with that. Also parenting mixed with sleep deprivation and lack of support initially is a bit of a recipe for mental health and exhaustion. I have found parenting a challenge, getting through those early years and getting the balance right. I think I could safely say we are still working on it everyday.

What has been your most significant area of change/growth, since becoming a parent…

I would say that I have grown in understanding and acceptance. Understanding of my children’s behaviour’s, feelings, emotions. And also acceptance around this and who they are. I also have gained a huge understanding of myself and who I am. There is nothing more powerful than discovering who you are. Or at the least starting to delve into discovering yourself. We change as Mother’s, our bodies, our minds, our hormones, our lives, our priorities so I have grown in every way possible. It’s something you can not possibly fathom until you are living it.


What are you and your child doing…when you feel most at ease with yourself and connected to your child…

Playing Uno, Playing Lego, painting, gardening, creek hopping, watching them scoot, watching them play at the beach, reading them stories, all the things that involve NO technology and being in the moment with them.




Sara Stace

What message you would tell your pre parent self…

Get ready for the ride baby! Because it’s going to be beautifully messy, organized chaos, the hardest and most beautiful thing you have ever done and will most likely ever do. Jump on board the rollercoaster that is motherhood!



What message would you like to share with other parents…


 I would like to share a message about being grounded in your life. It could be though your chosen faith and beliefs and the life that you create around you. Create practices and rituals that work for YOUR family. That develop memories for your children and foster great connection with them. Be with them fully when you can, just to see the sheer wonder that is children. We are getting busier and busier and missing out on the growth and miracle of them because we are constantly striving for more and in the meantime losing the deep connection and engagement with them. Don’t forget to make time just to BE and to PLAY. Be grounded so strongly in your family life that you know what matters and what is needed to live your best life. This may mean you have to turn events down or say no often.

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