The Puzzle Of Us

The Puzzle Of Us’, a story of children inviting, the reader, us, into their world. A world of playful, imaginary, intriguing and honest expressions of self.    As each puzzle piece is unveiled through the story, with it comes a key message, gifted from the child. A piece of understanding, an invitation for deeper connection.


Written for the broad age range of children from infancy to primary school, this story has been written and illustrated in a way that aims to capture readers of all ages.  Holding within in its pages, an important message, for all people, young and old.


The story is one of rediscovery.  Seeking to help the child and reader uncover the mysterious puzzle of them; their relationship.  Not just a story, but a teaching tool, ultimately unlocking the door to a renewed way for child and adult to be together, to understand and relate to one another. The Puzzle Of Us is a gentle reminder of what, for children, holds true weight, deep importance. 



Each puzzle piece, each key message is derived from a therapeutic approach used in psychological interventions which aim to strengthen attachment between child and parent.  Play, time together, mindful attention, loving touch, delighted responses and safety and understanding through one another’s emotional experiences. Concepts which are only offered when families have sought professional support for issues of concern.  The vision behind the story embraces the use of books, as not only a powerful way to be with one another and connect, but also a impactful and gentle way in which to share a message.


The Puzzle Of us recognises that parents are pulled in many directions, now more so than ever, and that with no ill meaning intentions, are often pulled away from time spent intentionally engaging with our children in a way that meets their core emotional needs.  Needs of which when met, lead to healthy, content, and emotionally secure children. 


To reflect on what we need to change, as a parent is tough. To acknowledge the need for change is hard. To seek help and guidance as to what that change might look like, is often...out of reach. The story aims to gently and clearly redefine a way of connecting between child and adult. It highlights what's important in a playful, gentle and engaging way for both the child and the reader.


If you are looking for a book that elicits childlike imagination and joy, whilst leaving you feeling more deeply connected with your child, than ‘The Puzzle Of Us’, is the book for you.