Tegan Klusenberg

Mama, Interior Designer & Wifey to be

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Tell us a little about you...

I’m Tegan, Interior designer by profession and Mumma to an absolutely gorgeous 6 month old boy, Oskar, by fate. I’m a huge believer in the power of visualisation and the mind body connection and establishing important daily rituals to help find balance in this consuming society. 



Tell us a little about your family…


I’m so blessed to have such an amazing little family. In late January 2018 year Oskar came as a surprise to my fiancée Chris and I which, initially, was a huge shock and somewhat overwhelming but now we couldn't imagine life without him - we feel so lucky to be the parents of an amazing little boy. On top of being my absolute rock, Chris works full time as an architect and since Oskar’s arrival, he has also been the main driver of our own business - what a legend.


Finna is a multi-disciplinary studio designing spaces and products that follow the fundamental ideas of minimalism and simplicity.  With a fresh young team, Finna Studio sees design as a journey of discovery.

You can see more of Tegan by following @finnastudio or Pinterest.com/finnastudio

or by visiting her at finnastudio.com

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teegs baby.JPG

What is one piece of ‘parenting advice’ that you were given, and have found helpful…


Ahh the old ‘parenting advice’ haha… in all honesty Chris and I have really tried to find our own groove when it comes to this new role in life. I think one thing will always stay at the front of our minds is that as parents it is important that you stick together and provide consistency with your children, not to send mixed messages by having different ways of parenting. I feel as a couple you need to establish how you want parent - whether it be through strict routine and discipline, completely free and flowing or somewhere in between - as long as you're both on the same page and communicate your thoughts and feelings with one another it will make it a lot easier. No bottling emotions up! 


What are you and your child doing…when you feel most at ease with yourself and connected to your child…


There are 2 things that really connect me with Oskar, the first of all being breastfeeding - it is such a peaceful and relaxing time (once you sort out the whole milk squirting all over the babies face and drenching your shirt situation haha) It’s truly amazing how your body produces all the baby needs, to grow strong and healthy.. we are honestly superwomen. Another time I feel at ease is when Chris and I massage Oskar after his bath in the evening. It’s a little ritual we have and it really soothes Oskar before bed. We use a blended lavender and chamomile oil - I massage his tummy and legs while Chris does the palm of his hands - talk about bubba pampering - he loves it!




What message would you like to share with other parents…


To stay calm and relaxed (as hard as it may seem at times) find mumma friends and most importantly don’t let go of YOURSELF. I find the thing that helps me the most is - to an extent - not letting Oskar take over my life but rather, making him a part of it. Yes it takes 1000 x longer to leave the house hahaha … but still leave, you'll feel so much better for it!