The Puzzle Of Us

Written by Rachel Bridge & Illustrated by Alexandra Frank


The joy in a child's eyes as they experience true connection is purity in all its forms.


Seeing our children happy…the ultimate goal and gift in this journey we know as parenting.


What truly elicits and brings joy in a child.  Is it the latest toy? A funny cartoon? A new activity?  What we know about emotional wellness in children, is that it comes from a place of emotional security.  A place of feeling safe to explore and enjoy the world, knowing that there is that special someone waiting and watching.  Celebrating our successes and catching our falls.  This place is connection, attachment and relationship.  And this place for our children, begins with us. 


As a parent, and a practising psychologist, it is my vision to help children and the adults in their world, feel more connected.


Our modern way of living is continuously pulling us towards a life that is busier, fuller, and more fast paced.  And as a result, more and more expectations, pressures and demands are placed upon us.


Could it be that the magic of childhood is also being pulled from us.  What is it that children need from us, what is it that sparks and ignites a sense of wonder, joy, contentment, love and safety within the little people we have bought into this world.


The time has come to once again start asking these questions...what is the resolve to the intricate and often complex relationship between us and our children.  What do they need from us? What do they seek from us?


The Puzzle Of Us. 

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